Full Service Association Management

GMG provides management and support services at all levels for multiple organizations, ranging in size from 100-3000 members. The relationship between the association and GMG eases the administrative responsibilities of the Board of Directors. Because GMG houses several associations, fixed expenses, such as office rent and computer equipment, are shared by the various organizations, lowering the cost and providing your members and organization exceptional support.

Marketing and Communications

By using our team for your association's graphic design and media writing purposes, you're not only going to receive original and vibrant marketing pieces for your organization, but you'll also save on the costs of hiring in freelancers. We specialize in effective, memorable, and visually striking marketing pieces which will bring together the association website, event invitations, newsletters, and social media posts to create the best marketing campaign for your organization.

Member Service

Your association management company is the voice and face of your organization. GMG places the highest priority on providing knowledgeable support and help for members of your organization so that the association can succeed and grow. We work successfully with an extremely diverse client base and we pride ourselves on our proficiency in simultaneously handling the administrative needs of an organization in addition to the individual needs of its members.

Event Planning

 Organizing over 100 events annually, GMG's experienced meeting planners can make your events sparkle. From small committee meetings to large multi-day conferences, your events will be effortlessly run and will be just as your events planning committee imagined. GMG run events always seek to capture the heart of an organization and provide those memorable moments a that make your organization's events unique. 

Membership Development and Retention

 GMG is constantly taking the pulse of the members, seeking to identify needs and recommend benefits based on our interactions with members and event attendees. Using our membership marketing skills developed over the past 20 years, while also taking advantage of modern social media and technology, we can help your organization identify and recruit new members. We take the time to get to know as many members as we can and work to ensure everyone has a strong sense of belonging to your association. 

Strategic Planning, Implementation and Evaluation

 A strategic plan formalizes the future direction of the association, how to reach that vision, and finally to measure success. By working with your board of directors, GMG can lead your organization through the strategic planning process, either in-house or through one of their many alliance partners. We can introduce your board to a variety of different planning techniques, including goals or issue based planning, environmental scan or SWOT analysis, and work with your board through the entire process from planning, to implementing, to evaluating. 

Bookkeeping and Accounting

GMG uses QuickBooks for association accounting purposes. Our practices are designed to serve the critical needs of any association to accurately account for revenues and expenses under an association chart of accounts, to deposit funds in a timely fashion, to accurately account for expenses and to accurately budget and report all association revenues and expenses.

Social Media Strategy and Analytics

Social media presence is just as important as your website for bringing in new membership. GMG can help organize and focus your social media efforts. Our team has handled large social media projects and has extensive knowledge on how to capitalize on social media organizational tools to use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to your association's advantage. In addition to planning social media campaigns, GMG can also take an active look at your association's social media and assess ways to improve social media participation and presence.