Our Values


We treat our client associations like part of the family, while maintaining a high level of professionalism. GMG will always be there to support your board members even during the busiest and toughest times.


We work to ensure our client association members feel they are a part of the organization. GMG is part of your association's support system, and we will ensure your members thoughts and ideas are heard.


 We are not satisfied with the status quo—we continually try to improve ourselves and the organizations we serve.

Work Ethic

We take great pride in providing superior service to ensure the best possible member experience, which in turn will grow the association.


We provide strong support for our client Boards of Directors, giving them the tools and resources they need to do the best job possible. GMG has a team that keeps up with current technology, so that we always have a solution to problems our clients face.


We believe in continuing education and will stay informed on trends and practices in the association management industry. GMG continually learns about the newest ways to market, maintain, and best run an association. 


We work in partnership with our client Boards of Directors for the success of the organizations we serve. GMG's success as a company is tied to your success as an organization.


Although we manage multiple associations, we do not share proprietary information unless we have been given explicit permission to do so. Conversely, when appropriate, GMG will help form alliances when our client organizations have common goals and can benefit from working together.